2014 Business Resolution- Why You Need To Identify Your Personal Brand and Use Online Marketing And Social Media….





Identifying your personal brand is important. Whether you are an executive, chef, hair stylist, insurance agent, entertainer or real estate agent. No matter what your profession, if you are interested in having people associate you as an expert in your field,. You need to develop your personal brand. Personal branding is nothing new and is a very common phrase. But, what do you know about personal branding in regard to how it can help or impact you and your business? 

When you start on your personal branding journey you have to determine what you want people to know you as doing, or associate you with. I want people to know that I am an Online Marketing/ Social Media Expert. When you hear my name “Tara Williams” or “Who is Tara?”, my personal branding strategy has successfully associated me with the profession of Online Marketing and Social Media. Branding also extends past just your professional life but also includes your personal life. I am a devoted mother, I love to cook and travel these things help to make up my personal brand. 

Social Media provides some many resources to help you with personal branding, gain brand loyalty and engage people about your brand. I love the use of Visual Social Media for personal branding. I take loads of pictures, pictures of myself, my clients, my kids, and things that I find interesting. These pictures help to paint a visual picture of my brand. And along with using Search Engine Optimization, I use keywords when posting my pictures which is key to finding me in the organic section of all major search engines. Videos are another great tool of Visual Social Media and helps with personal branding. Some of my favorite Visual Social Media platforms are Flickr, Pinterest, Staree, and Youtube.

Personal branding provides you with amazing exposure and helps you to develop new business and more business from current clients. Have you thought about your personal brand? Take the time to identify your personal brand and takeyour career and business to the next level.

I speak from experience and only speak on things that I have used personally. Personal branding has made me successful in all of my professional endeavors. And using Social Media to market my personal brand has taken my brand to a whole another level. It has created so many opportunities and created so many connections and avenues to continue to grow my brand and business. 

New Years Resolutions are always the big topic in the month of December. 2014 start your road to personal branding and creating new avenues and opportunities for yourself and your business.




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