Make Money With Twitter, Blogs, Videos and more, Monetize Social Media, Leverage Your Followers And Make $$.




How do I make money with Twitter? How can I make money with my blogs? How can I monetize my followers on Social Media? Can I really make money online? I want to find a way to work from home and make money? These are just a few of the questions that I get on a daily basis. And the most effective way to answer all these questions is to write a quick blog with some of my favorite ways that make me money daily and monthly online. 

I know so many people are very nervous about the terms “Working From Home A Make $$” “Make Money Online” “Make Money With Social Media”. Well don’t be scared, because the longer you wait the more money you are missing out on. My first rule is that if someone is asking you to send money to make money online with Twitter, your blog or other social networks, you need to run!!!! All the ways that I tell you about to make money online do not cost you anything to get started. 

In order to get success from the platforms that I make money online with you must be dedicated. Dedicate at least two hours a day to develop more followers on Social Media and engaging your audience and managing the platforms that you are using to make money online. The more dedication that you have the more followers you have which in turn provides you with more online influence. People that have followers and influence online make money if they know how to leverage that influence.  So here are some ways for you to get start on your journey to monetizing your Social Media platforms!!!



Sponsored Tweets- Join and start making money with Twitter

Once you sign up, create your profile, set your categories of interest, and set the price you want per Tweet. You sit back and wait for advertisers to email you Tweets that would like for you to send out. You tie your account to paypal and when you send out Tweet you get paid. The more followers you have the more engaged your followers are the more money you can earn for your Tweets. Big celebs like Kim Kardashian figures like $10,000 dollars and more. To put it in perspective I average about $35 to $100 per Tweet on Sponsored Tweets. 


Join Tweet Peddler- Make Money With Twitter– Sign Up Today!!!

Set your price and sit back as advertisers buy tweets on your account. 
Its really very simple. Register for a TweetPeddler account with your PayPal email, then log in and link your twitter account to your TweetPeddler account. Once linked you can set the price per tweet for your twitter account. For example if you set the price at $20 per tweet: an advertiser could purchase a tweet from you for $20, write a 140 character message, and then post it on your twitter account. TweetPeddler takes care of all this behind the scenes, you just sit back and watch money flow into your PayPal account.

I love Tweet Peddler if you dedicate your time to continuing to build you Twitter follow you will make money. I can personally attest to making thousands monthly using Tweet Peddler.



Make Money Using Your Expertise– Sign Up Today!!!

Voomly is a powerful platform that enables individuals to monetize their expertise through digital products and services. Create a profile, showcasing your areas of expertise market that URL and get paid. I love this platform, it works and so many people are missing out on money that is staring the right in the face. Thousands of people online need you and your services but they just don’t know how to find you.


Get Paid Using Twitter, Videos, Websites, Blogs.

Create custom website easy as 1-2-3, Share interesting content of your choice, generate revenue from the activity on your sites. I mostly use this for Twitter income generation, and truthful have not taken time to monetize my website and blogs. Shame on me…but I consistently make money with this for Twitter and I guess because of that I didn’t focus on the other ways to use this. I have to be honest about my activities. LOL 

Once you get signed up for all the above listed above platforms if you,

  1. Fully Follow Me:
  2. Like & Share this blog
  3. Send me an email at referencing this article and your contact information I will give you a 20 minute phone consultation.

Leveraging Social Media to make money $$$$$ is not a “Myth” it is real. As a Social Media Expert I use all of the methods that I blog about. And only speak about the ones that work successfully. I am all about multiple streams of income and making passive income. These terms are used by many people that are familiar with Multi Level marketing. But unlike Multi level marketing I show you ways to make money online without making any investment ($$$), except your time. So for many people interested in making extra money on the side, looking to work from home making money, or just want to leverage you social media to make money…. you need to read and share this blog. 

If you are using Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram,Google +, you should be making money online. Get paid for having influence and followers online. And stay motivated nothing happens overnight, your dedication will pay off.

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