Tara Williams Social Media, Online Marketing Expert- Sales People Need to Market Online.

I have been in sales for over 20 years. And as an expert in Social Media and Online Marketing have successfully learned to leverage the use of Social Media and Online Marketing to excel in sales. You can take your commission to new heights by investing in yourself through a customized advertising strategy. My first exposure to sales and marketing was with my father who was an amazing salesman.  He was a top salesman because he believed in advertising. And he advertised every month. And during the recession periods he doubled his advertising budget. He was in the automotive industry for 30 yrs. and was extremely successful. He attributed his success to his formula of advertising,customer service,and follow-up. At the time when he was in sales they used Direct Mail and Print as a primary source for marketing. And did customer thank you mailings for follow- up. That proved to be an extremely effective way to grow your business at that time. Being that we now are in a world that focuses on the internet, mobile applications and social media your advertising strategies must change. No more business as usual!!!!!!

If you are a salesperson who sells cars, computers, software, insurance, real estate just to name a few you need to develop new business in order to be successful. You cannot sit behind a desk and hope the phone rings. You have to be aggressive and innovative to find ways to get in front of the decision makers to make your presentation.  You have to find a way to direct customers to you. You have to brand yourself online as an authority in your industry. No matter what type of sales you are in before people decide to do business with you they will go to the internet and Google your name to see what they can find about you and your company. So you must have a presence online. You need to have a website with mobile capabilities, you need to have a Search Engine Marketing Campaign, you need to have a Pay Per Click Campaign, Mobile Marketing Campaign and you need to have a Social Media Campaign. The key word is “NEED” if you are going to be competitive and grow to dominate in any market you must have a complete online marketing campaign.

Business as usual will not work. And you must hire an “Expert” in the area of Online Marketing, Social Media,  and Pay Per Click. In this area of advertising you can waste a lot of money trying to save money and not make any money. You must choose the right company to handle your online marketing campaign.

When you are looking to find your “Expert” you need to do a couple of things. Go straight to the internet and Google the company name. I work for Vayu Media leaders in SEO, Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Website Development and much more. www.vayumedia.com.  Before you make your decision to hire a company, research what presence they have online.  See what information is on the internet from their current customers, check their reviews. Current press releases about the company should be on the internet. Once you have made the decision to contact the company, then you should make sure that they give you a consultation to find out your needs and that way they can put together a strategy for you that will provide you with a realistic ROI based on your monthly advertising investment.

Some people tell me that they do not have the budget to do online marketing. And my answer is turn off your office phone, and close the doors. Cut your losses early because you are on a sinking ship. You have to advertise to maintain and grow your business. You have to advertise to maintain and grow as a sales person in any industry. If you want to meet and exceed your sales goals you need to take charge of your career and become a “New School Sales Person” who creates the opportunities to sell by being innovated.

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